We are offering PURANMAL franchising in new markets and countries, which will provide a portfolio of investment opportunities for the right investors. Puranmal offers a variety of restaurant designs specifically created to thrive in different venues. Puranmal Fine Dining, Puranmal Restaurant, Puranmal Express, Puranmal Sweet Shop and Puranmal Food Courts are some of the modules on offer.

We require a franchisee who nurtures a passion and dedication for operational excellence

Maintains adequate resources and capitalization to purchase a development opportunity for one or more PURANMAL restaurants.

Has prior management level experience in food service and/or restaurant operations (other relevant will be considered)

Demonstrates the ability to build a high performing team and organization. We will help you choose a location. Our team will give you the basic designs of the three categories. We have set vendors who will be suppliers. If you do it from outside, our management will have to certify it.

The path to owning PURANMAL franchises is an exciting journey. We will work with you to complete the multi-phased process with your application.

PURANMAL has a team of experienced and dedicated franchising support professionals. From the moment you complete your franchise application to the date your franchise opens and beyond, a team of franchising experts are available to support you.

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